Phoenix Bioidentical Hormones – Robin Terranella, N.M.D.

Phoenix Bioidentical Doctor, Robin Terranella, N.M.D. of Southwest Integrative Medicine, utilize Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) to supplement deficient hormones in men and women and correct hormone imbalances. The Bioidentical Hormone experts at Southwest Integrative Medicine work to correct hormone imbalances suffered by men and women in the Phoenix area.

Personalized Bioidentical Hormone Programs

Phoenix Bioidentical Doctor, Robin Terranella, N.M.D. use Bioidentical Hormones in the treatment plans offered because the chemical composition of Bioidentical Hormones matches the chemical structure of the hormones found in the human body. This is different from the use of synthetic hormones, which do not match the hormones produced by your body.

Using Bioidentical Hormones instead of synthetic hormones, and a personalized approach rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to Hormone Replacement Therapy, the practitioners at Southwest Integrative Medicine effectively reduce and eliminate many of the side-effects of synthetic hormone replacement treatment plans.

While hormones can become imbalanced in early adulthood due to high stress levels, sustained unhealthy habits, exhaustion and overwork, these imbalances often correct themselves due to your youth. However, as you age it becomes more difficult for the body to heal itself. As hormone levels drop you may begin to experience symptoms of age-related hormonal decline.

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Phoenix Bioidentical Doctor, Robin Terranella, N.M.D. of Southwest Integrative Medicine work with each patient to create a customized solution to address their individual needs. Dr. Terranella is dedicated to holistic and nontoxic approaches to medicine with a focus on wellness and prevention. He has helped numerous men and women in the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale Metro Area overcome their symptoms and live their best life.

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